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Welcome Gallardo Law Firm has two comfortable offices in Miami and Hialeah. For several years, the attorneys at Gallardo Law Firm in Miami have been defending the rights of hundreds of customers who have chosen us to represent them. Our legal team is comprised of qualified, dedicated attorneys, and experienced, and also with high ethical standards in the profession of lawyers to ensure that you receive the care, guidance, and the best result that you deserve in the legal case.

Gallardo Law Firm exists to serve those who find it difficult to obtain competent legal advice and reasonably economical. Our areas of practice include but are not limited to Family Law, Immigration Law, Bankruptcy Law, foreclosure, real estate, wills, deeds, powers, simple contracts.

Gallardo Law Firm in Miami:

Our Office offers consulting and legal support to a variety of Miami Dade family court services, we include among others: ability to educate, nurture and love their children, human values ​​are the most important in the life of child.

Child Custody in Florida Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Child Custody Miami

Child custody in Miami is also legally known as Parental responsibility in Miami. In Miami, parents can share two types of custody that will be defended by affordable child custody attorney: Legal custody and physical custody.  read more…

wife alimony Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Alimony Miami

Alimony is strictly dependent on the judge’s decision; you will need legal advice to get the desired results. The main point of maintenance in Miami Florida is to maintain the standard of living achieved during the marriage that will ensure our experienced lawyers. read more…

Divorce in Miami Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Divorce lawyers Florida

Our divorce lawyers in Miami understand your pain and make sure the divorce is most beneficial for you and your families. Miami divorce attorney reviews your case and we will make you feel better emotionally and economically. read more…

Prenuptial agreements in Miami Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Prenuptial agreement in Miami

Prenuptial agreements Miami are agreements by writings of a couple in our Offices in Miami and Haialeah before marriage, to regarded material goods so they have each partner. reed more…

permanent residence Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Permanent Residence based on the Family

You need the best immigration law attorney in Miami to apply for temporary residence and show the best case to immigration court in Miami. read more…

deportation Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction on Immigration Status in Miami

Criminal convictions in South Florida can get you record your immigration status consequences. Although his sentence is processed as a case of lesser sentence read more…

business visa Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

E2 Visa or Investor Visa Miami

Visas for investors E1/E2 are aimed at people who belong to nations that share trade negotiations with the United States. The E1 visas are especially for individuals conducting business between the two countries read more…

citicienship Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami


Citizenship is the legal status of an individual within the territory of the United States that leads people to have certain privileges, obligations, rights and benefits as a citizen. read more…

bankruptcy miami Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Bankruptcy Process in Miami

The bankruptcy process is the practical solution to solve their financial debts. Our attorneys Miami Beach prepare all the necessary information on your earnings, debts, property and expenses to present the court, you always are the beneficiary. read more…  

forclosure Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Foreclosure Defense

The foreclosure defense is for those individuals who have problems of financial debts but have maintained their mortgage payments on time so you have the right to maintain their home. read more…

bankruptcy chapter 13 Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Miami

In recent years, the U.S. economy has been going through a period of financial crisis that results in unemployment and human misery. Many Americans have been affected by this economic situation that forces them to get huge debts… read more…

real estate Law Firm Specialize in Legal Services Miami

Houses, cars and Bankruptcy Property Miami

AL bankruptcy will have the right to maintain the properties and obtained earlier cars if it proves able to continue with the payments established. Our Lawyer Miami will help you protect and maintain their property after filing for bankruptcy. read more…

Widest Areas of Practice:

We offer an extensive list of legal advice in Miami in the different processes about Family Law, Immigration Law and Bankruptcy Law. We are highly qualified specialists in paperwork as custody and child support, divorce, division of property, business visas, residence, citizenship, establishment of bankruptcy; regain credit after bankruptcy and more.

Licensed Attorneys:

Gallardo Law Firm has the best employment lawyer in Miami. Highly qualified graduates who honor our offices making them the best Law Firm in Miami all chosen number one by many clients.

Gallardo Law Firm and the lawyers provide attorney assistance all over Miami and Hialeah Garden and Specializes in the following fields:

The lawyers in Gallardo Law Firm represent general cases as Immigration, Family and Bankruptcy with the most experience in the process related to American Citizenship, deportation, non immigrant visas, permanent residence, Cuban family reunification, divorce, child custody, marital settlement, alimony, paternity, child support, time sharing, child relocation, bankruptcy chapter 7, 11, 12, 13, as well as bankruptcy collection laws, foreclosure and mortgage, foreclosure defense and modification law for houses.

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